We are now bringing you a beta program, where you can try the latest version of the application before its official release. So you can peek under the hood, what's new for you.

How to join?

It's very simple and below you will find the procedure on how to activate the beta program on your device.

Open the "Play Store" app on your device.

Enter “GP tom” or “GP tom PIN” in the search field.

When the application is displayed, select it. The details of the application will be displayed, where you will see the section "join the beta testing program". Click on "Join".

Confirm that you want to join the beta program by tapping "Join".

After confirmation, you will see information about adding your account to the beta program.

Adding a profile can take up to 10 minutes. If you still don't see the option to download the new version after this time, try restarting the Play Store app.

Once your profile is included in the beta program, you will see a beta version of the application, if available. The application name is followed by “(beta)”. Then you can update the application with the "Update" button.