Aim of this API is to initiate tasks from any external device or cloud based solution in GP tom application. We expect, that it allows to connect almost any solution with GP tom via Internet.

Use cases

There are two existing use cases how you can work with Cloud API on end device:

Assisted mode


Applicable in case that the device is operated by user to select the task to process. In this case in GP tom you can see the queue of tasks to be processed and user manage which task will be launched.

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Applicable in use case where device is placed opposite the seller (like old fashioned pos terminal connected with cash register). Tasks are processed automatically - once device receives the task, it is automatically processed (if no other activity is not in progress).

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But basically it is up to you, which case works better for you. Difference is just in the application settings, not in the API usage. How to set the application can be found here.

Want to integrate?

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