When GP atom app is launched, login screen will appear:

1. Enter your username and password received in welcome email. Both fields are case sensitive, ensure that you have entered correct data.

2. Tap on Login button. Your account will be activated which can take a while. Please do not interrupt this step!

3. During the first login you will be asked for chosing your TID. Select the correct TID you want to use.

4. Once you have successfully logged in, the main screen of the application will be displayed. Of course, you won't see any payments made the first time you run it.

5. To start the first transaction, tap the “+” button at the bottom of the screen. Select an item from the menu on the left to describe how to create a payment.

Login was not successful?

  • Please check, that you are using correct login credentials

  • check that you are connected to the Internet

  • ensure, that you have both apps installed GP atom and GP atom PIN

In case of any issues feel free to contact us on: gpatom@globalpayments.cz