If you are familiar with the operation of the application, we can start accepting your first payment:

1. On the main screen, tap the “+” icon to create your first payment:

2. Enter the amount in the upper left corner, select a tip in the right (optional) and add reference number (optional). Select the payment method and confirm the entered data by clicking on the "Confirm" button.

3. The credit card attachment screen appears. Ask the client to attach the card to the NFC phone reader, or attach it on behalf of the client if he agrees. Hold the card at the reader until a signal sounds or all the green LEDs on the display light up.

4. Optional step:

If required, the screen for entering the PIN for the card will be displayed - hand over the device to the client or allow him to enter the code in private.

5. Once the card is successfully loaded, the application starts the transaction authorization.

6. The result of the transaction is displayed on the screen along with the payment details. If the client requests a receipt, click on the "Generate receipt" button.

7. The receipt can be sent either via SMS (if there is a SIM card installed in the smart device) or to an e-mail address. It can also be read by the client device via a QR code.

8. The application confirms the successful sending of the receipt to the customer.

9. If you need to send an additional receipt, you can do so from the transaction details on the main screen of the application. You click on the transaction and at the very bottom you click on "send receipt".