We would like to thank you for choosing our solution. Before you start using the application, we would like to share with you important information that you should know.

How to use application

If you have already received login details from us, you have access to the application. Under your account, you have been assigned virtual terminals that have a unique number (referred to as a TID). You have exactly as many TIDs as you have set up, and the number can be expanded at any time through your sales representative. However, it is always true that one TID can only be used on one device at a time, see figure:

For example, if you want to use your TID on a device other than the one you are currently using, contact us and we will release it for your new device. We are preparing a function that will allow you to release the TID directly in the application. Therefore, if you want to use multiple phones at the same time, you need to have a separate TID for each if you want to use them at the same time.

Check your settings

Once you have installed the application, make sure you have everything set up for your device - for some manufacturers, the correct settings are necessary for the application to work properly. This is especially true for Huawei and Xiaomi users.

How to set your access to the application

As you have already noted, you log in to the application with your email address, which you specify as a technical contact. For example, if you want to use the application on two phones with different access data, please tell the sales representative before signing the contract so that we can set everything up for you correctly.

How to get application

You need to install two applications to make it work.

GP tom - the application you will use and log in to using the information we have sent you.

GP tom PIN - a background application that is used only if the client is required to enter a PIN during the transaction.

Both applications can be downloaded from Google Play (you can install them via the links: GP tom and GP tom PIN ) This guide aims to easily explain how to install the application on your mobile phone or tablet, which can then be used to make payments.

The application is supported to work on all phones or tablets with the Android operating system version 8 and higher and a built-in NFC chip. If you have problems with the installation on your device, do not hesitate to contact us.

  1. Download GP tom app

  1. Download GP tom PIN app


  1. Log into the application

link to app on Google Play Store

link to app on Google Play Store




This application runs on the background and it is not necessary to launch it - it will be launched if necessary. *

You can use credentials provided in email with credentials.

  • if your device requires to set some privileges to launch any app by other, please ensure that GP atom PIN app has this enabled!

Please ensure, that you have both apps installed, otherwise the solution will not work as expected.

Not having access to Google Play from your device?

If your device does not have access to Google Play, you can download the application below. We would just like to point out that it is necessary to regularly monitor the newly released versions of both applications and manually perform updates to your mobile device.

GP tom application

Release date: 3.9.2021

Version: 1.14.20


GP tom PIN application

Release date: 21.8.2021



Again, we remind you to have both applications installed!