Basic information

#Z001 - Which devices are supported?

Every Android 8.x and higher device that has an NFC chip. The application does not work on Apple devices.

#Z002 - Where I can get the application?

The application can be installed from the Google Play Store. You need two applications - the GP atom application that you will use (download here) and the GP atom PIN application, which is called up only if you need to enter the PIN for the customer's card (download here). Both applications must be installed!

#Z003 - How secure the solution is?

Together with card associations, we have developed the most secure environment for card payment. Thanks to the variable PIN keypad, which changes the position of the numbers, the PIN is entered differently each time and it is not possible to misuse it retroactively.

#Z004 - Who is the application suitable for?

The application will be appreciated especially by sole proprietors or small entrepreneurs with a smaller volume of transactions, who sometimes need to accept payment cards or are often on the road (eg at festivals or markets).

#Z005 - Who would appreciate a payment terminal?

Payment terminals will still have their place, especially for companies with a larger volume of payment transactions, where it is necessary, for example, to print receipts or to connect to other systems. It is not so suitable, for example, for fast-moving shops or supermarkets.

#Z006 - Does the application support fiscalization?

We plan to support fiscalization via 3rd party apps.

#Z007 - When will we support other card products - AMEX, JCB, Diners, UnionPay?

We plan to expand the schemes in 2021.

#Z008 - Do you support meal voucher cards?

We support all meal vouchers that are issued under the Visa and Mastercard schemes. They are: Edenred, Up, Our food stamp.


#T001 - What to do in case of problems?

Clients still call our Helpdesk, where they register a possible technical problem. This applies to sharp operation. For pilot and F&F pilots, contact us via email


#C001 - What are the costs?

The application is free to download and there are no monthly fees associated with it. You only pay for a completed transaction, the amount of which is according to your currently signed Card Acceptance Agreement.


#T001 - How a receipt can be delivered?

The receipt can be sent via e-mail or via SMS. If you need to print, you need to buy another device - an external printer. We are preparing support for external printers in future versions.

#T002 - How do I get an older receipt?

It is simple. On the main screen, select the transaction to which you want to forward the receipt from the list. Click on the transaction and click on the "Send receipt" button at the very bottom.